Windows opening to the inside aka the German-type

Windows that open to the inside (the so-called “German-style”) are manufactured on the basis of  German standards IV68 and 78 (jamb: 68x78 and 78x78) from dry three-lamin knot-free laminated pine. An aluminium profile protects the wooden jamb and frame of the wood-aluminium window from damaging weather conditions (such as rain, wind and sun). The windows are equipped with quality non-corrosive ROTO fittings. Tilt & turn windows have a standard two-point security fittings and micro-ventilation systems.

The number in the product’s name marks the thickness of the frame: the 68 mm window frame fits two-layered glass packets and the 78 mm window frame fits the three-layered glass-packets. These windows are extremely popular in Estonia due to their simple use and practicality. The German-style windows are increasingly used in the building of public and apartment buildings.

The Scandinavian Window wood-aluminium windows can be ordered in pine, meranti and oak timber. The finishing can be ordered as painted or ebonized (lasur paint). Wood-aluminium windows are completely covered on the outside with aluminium cover profiles (jamb width 76 mm or 86 mm).  In addition, the wood-aluminium windows may have a different colour on the inside than they do on the outside. The colour tones of the aluminium profile are as per the RAL catalogue. 




  • The wood-aluminium window has a single frame and tilts/opens to the inside.                                                       
  • A three-layer laminated wood profile ensures the structure of the shape.                                                       
  • Jamb and corner joints with dovetail joints.
  • Covered with an aluminium profile on the outside.
  • Two- and three-layer glass packets are used.
  • The minimum measurements of the opening window are 500 x 500 mm.
  • The minimum measurements of a non-opening window are 400 x 400 mm.


  • The jamb, frame and impost are made from a three-layer laminated wood comprised of three wooden lamins.
  • All of the wooden details are permeated with wood protection products.
  • The humidity of the used wood is 10–14 %.


  • The surface of the aluminium profiles is either anodised or  powder painted.
  • Colour tones can be chosen according to the RAL-catalogue.


  • IV 68 uses two-layer and IV 78 three-layer glass packets in standard.


  • Ecologically clean water-based colours and varnishes are used for finishing windows and doors
  • We offer almost all the RAL colours.


  • A window’s thermal conductivity remains between 1.2 and 1.5 W/m2K, according to the glass packet (see “Useful information” – Glass packets’ technical specifications).
  • Noise or sound insulation is 30–34 dB, according to the glass packet (see “Useful information” – Glass packets’ technical specifications).



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