Windows are, next to the outer walls, the floor and the roof, the most significant places, where energy can be saved. PVC- or plastic-windows are energy efficient, low cost and high quality and can be easily maintained, since they require no additional insulating or painting.

PVC is chemically stabile and safe to the human health, because of which, plastic-windows are suitable also to allergic people. The material’s characteristics are a clean-cut exterior surface, heat and cold resistance, user friendliness and durability.
Plastic-windows are made from plastic-profiles, which’ chambers fit metal-profiles to achieve a reinforced form, which ensure the windows' exceptional static strength and which make them resilient to weather and exterior effects.

Scandinavian Window Ltd offer widows made from Veka-profiles. Windows from Veka-profiles have been made since 1969. 

Seven-chamber profile - SOFTLINE MD 82

SOFTLINE MD 82 has a modern and energy-efficient profile. Its 7 chambers in frame, 6 in sash and 82 mm depth ensure the perfect thermal and aural insulation. The profile satisfies even the highest standards, thanks to 7 chambers in frame and 6 in sash. As a result, a pleasant temperature is maintained in the rooms, regardless of the exterior weather, saving you heating costs. Softline MD 82 has a classic design, with its smooth round edges matching modernised older houses, but also offers ultra-modern solutions.  



  • 82 mm thick, 7 chamber A-class profile.
  • Thickness of the glass packet: 40–48 mm.
  • Thermal conductivity up to U=0.67W/m2K , depending on the glass packet used.
  • 3 mm thick exterior wall is in compliance with quality group RAL class A (DIN EN 12608, Class A).
  • Three seals on the opening part ensure better thermal insulation, density and noise insulation.
  • The galvanised metal reinforcement in the profile is in accordance with VEKA reinforcement requirements, ensuring stability and long-term functionality.
  • Elegant curved edges.
  • Visible part 124 mm.

Five-chamber profile - SOFTLINE 70
The SOFTLINE 70 profile system enables the building of general, thermal and aural insulation and security windows, balcony and terrace doors and sliding elements. 



  • 70 mm thick, five-chamber A-class profile.
  • Thickness of the glass packet: 24–40 mm.
  • Thermal conductivity up to U=1.0W/m2K , depending on the glass packet used.
  • Wall thickness 3 mm, according to RAL requirements.
  • Graduated jamb-frame.
  • Steel reinforcements according to VEKA reinforcement requirements.
  • Slightly curved edges.
  • Visible part 118 mm.

Colour tones

  • Over 30 colours
  • Different wooden imitations


Colour samples may differ from the actual colour tones. 



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